Community art project with a Dr Karen Stead-Dexter

Personally I have never been involved in any community art projects and so when I was asked by Blacksmith, Matt Coe of Dingle Designs, to join the WingSmith project I wasn’t really sure what my role would be. The brief at the time was something like ‘we’re going to get people involved in making copper feathers to make a winged sculpture - a sense of the community coming together to make something that was bigger than themselves. You work with Birds of Prey, do you want to get involved?’. Initially the project was aimed at the armed forces, then NHS staff, then we realised the greater need of this project. The project is bigger than everyone, let me tell you why…..

WingSmith has had a few false starts, and lockdown actually gave us the biggest and strongest push forward. Bringing the community together to make copper feathers (learning the traditional art of copper smithing), and bringing my Birds of Prey in to teach people the value and