WingSmith Alchemy

A community project, bringing education and sense of community support to schools, community groups and individuals.  A project that creates a wonderful, unique opportunity for everyone to get involved, learning the skills of coppersmithing and contribute their offering to a truly magical project. 

And the individually made copper feather.

The process of skilfully creating a feather, an item of true beauty, from fire and metal allows each piece to take on a life of its own.....and the beauty of a single feather becomes even more majestic when added together with all the other feathers to make the all encompassing wings.

WingSmith will be offering forge days at the traditional Forge in Bow (once lockdown has been lifted), as well as taking the mobile forge into schools within Devon.  

WingSmith project aims to be a project with education and therapy at its core - helping us all to become part of something bigger, to feel engaged once more.


So if you want to help this project spread its wings and take flight then come and join us on a forge day.........Updates will be posted regularly through the UPDATES page, and our Facebook site. 

Looking forward to sharing our skills and helping this project fly.......


Forge Days​

Postponed now until 2021

© 2020 WingSmith 


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